Value-Added Promotions
    Consumers continue to demand more.
    For the last 27 years, CO-OP PROMOTIONS has delivered innovative point of sale promotions to over 100 national companies & brands to increase sales by adding value to their product plus:

    1. making products more competitive at the point of sale.
    2. rewarding loyal users of a brand.
    3. attracting new users to a brand.
    4. developing more display & stronger trade relations.

Some of the companies & brands we have developed value-added promotions for include: General Motors, Anheuser Busch, Rubbermaid, Pepsi, Quaker Oats, Hasbro, Upjohn, Sunbeam, Keebler, Norwegian Caribbean Lines, US HealthCare, Fruit of the Loom, Columbia Tri-Star, etc.

Categories have included Entertainment, Food & Beverage, Housewares, Fragrances , Wine , Beer & Distilled spirits, Computer software, Internet, Electronics, Apparel, Health & Beauty Care, Detergents, etc.

CO-OP PROMOTIONS customizes each value-added promotion for every clients unique target audience , seasonality & channel of distribution.
Frequently, we develop solo or multi-partner coupon booklets or Samples which are placed on-pack, in-pack or near-pack. We provide a complete turnkey service to source synergistic tie-in partners and their artwork.

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